Fantasy Baseball News & Status Email/Text Alerts

Never start a benched/inactive/disabled fantasy baseball player in your fantasy baseball league again.

Automatically sync (or manually add) your Yahoo or ESPN fantasy baseball team(s), and our free fantasy baseball news & status alerts will let you know the status of your players immediately when available.

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Features & Benefits

  • Track ANY players in Major League Baseball.
  • Automatically sync up your fantasy baseball players from your Yahoo OR ESPN fantasy baseball leagues.
  • Follow the status of players as they are benched, deactivated, sent to/up from the minors, and sent to/come off the disabled list.

What does it cost?

  • Unlimited Email Alerts are FREE!
  • 25 Free SMS/Text Alerts per month.
  • FAST & Unlimited SMS/Text Alerts are $19.95/season under our Premium Plan.

Setup & Customization

  • Set your teams up in less than 2 minutes!
  • Choose which alerts you want, and how you want them (Email/SMS).
  • Simple & to the point messages. No fluff...just the information you need.

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